When selecting a rugby chair, it is important to trial different chairs. When trialing the chairs, you need to see which type of chair (Offensive vs. Defensive) best aligns with your level of function, your abilities, and your role on the court. This sometimes takes several months of practicing and competing, in order to find what works best for you. There are different attributes for these two types of chairs that can best position the athlete to be successful on the court. Different types of pickers, wings, wheels, push rims, spoke guards, seating and dimensions of the chairs can all be selected by the athlete when ordering a chair. When it comes time to order a chair, it may be best to work with your rugby chair supplier (typically, Melrose Kiwi Concept ChairsEagle Sportschairs or  Vesco Metal Craft), and your mentors (athletes and coaches) to make a well-thought out decision about the specifications of your rugby chair. This chair should last you several years. However, many athletes acquire increased knowledge of what they need out of their rugby chair, they develop improved body awareness/strength and have increased exposure to different chair features/set ups, which may lead to different rugby chair choices for a future chair.