Rugby Chairs

Wheelchair Rugby requires a specialized type of wheelchair that fits into two main categories - Offensive/High-Point Chairs and Defensive/Low-Point Chairs. Athletes with more function (Higher Sport Class - 2.0-3.5, typically) tend to use wheelchairs with metal wings in the front of the chair, which reduce opposing athletes' ability to stop their chair as they attempt to move up court and score. Athletes with less function (Lower Sport Class - 0.0-1.5, typically) tend to use wheelchairs that have a metal extension, called a picker, which can be used to slow or stop opposing athletes' wheelchair from moving. Both types of chairs have similar attributes of hard plastic or metal spoke guards. 

*Many teams have additional rugby chairs available for new athletes to trial, prior to acquiring one of their own. Reach out to your local team to see if you can get in a chair and try out Wheelchair Rugby!!!